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Come One, Come All!


New England Anime Society, the parent organization of Anime Boston, will be hosting some events this year at Geek Central! These events will be held on Sunday, November 3rd. 

Cosplay Brunch
WhenSun, November 3, 12pm – 2pm
WhereMoksa Restaurant - 450 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139 (map)
Join us for a magnificent cosplay brunch! Everybody knows brunch is the best meal; the only problem is the stuffy dress code. Instead, join your fellow anime fans at this cosplay-positive brunch! Come wearing your best anime inspired costume, and meet up to enjoy an Asian-inspired brunch, with other fans at Moksa!

Magical Anime Omakase
WhenSun, November 3, 3pm – 5pm
WhereMoksa Restaurant - 450 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139 (map)
After brunch, you'll be able to feast on a selection of the freshest imported anime in glorious high-definition at our Magical Anime Omakase screening event from. Don't just pick one show; watch all the anime! Sit back and let our seasoned team of animologists (we may have made that word up) select a sampling of shows to give you a taste of what's in store for you next year at Anime Boston.
Anime Viewing List*:
 Magical Thief Saint Tail Episode 1
 The Slayers Episode 1
 Princess Tutu Episode 2
 Magic Users Club! Episode 1
 Full Moon O Sagashite Episode 1
 Puella Magi Madoka Magica Episode 2
 Cardcaptor Sakura Episode 1
(*This schedule/listing is subject to change)

Anime Boston's Karaoke Lounge
WhenSun, November 3, 6pm – 9pm
WhereMoksa Restaurant - 450 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139 (map)
Why not cap off a day of fun by participating in Japan's great national pastime? No, it's not Sumo, but there is the same opportunity for glory. At the Anime Boston Karaoke Lounge you'll be able to cut loose and belt out your favorite anime jams in one of the only places where everyone can sing along! Do you have what it takes to be the next idol (It's totally okay if you don't because we don't either)? You'll be able to order spectacular sushi, delicious dumplings, noshable noodles and other asian inspired treats from Moksa's kitchen all evening. Enjoy cocktails from their award-winning mixologists, find out which Fruits Basket character you'd like to drink with their famous Cocktail Zodiac, and maybe get to be among the first fans to drink a special libation invented especially for Anime Boston 2014! You won't want to miss a minute of this NEAS/Anime Boston event at Moksa!


So come one, come all and enjoy in the geeky fun!!