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About Us

The New England Anime Society, Inc. (NEAS) was founded in 2001 in Massachusetts, USA. NEAS is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation purposed to futher public education and understanding of Japanese society and culture through visual and written media.

The Flashship Event of NEAS is Anime Boston, a three day convention held every Spring in Boston, Massachusetts. Anime Boston celebreates Japanese pop-culture and society including anime, manga, J-Pop, J-Rock, and live action Japanese media. The convention also presents aspects of Japanese history and traditional culture, thus encouraging people to develop a more well-rounded perspective.

NEAS has also participated in First Night Boston, the nation's oldest and longest running New Year's celebreation. Each year has been a prime opportunity to reach out to the public and introduce them to Japanese animation and pop-culture.

As NEAS plans for the future, we look to continue and expand our endeavours. Please check our website often for updates and announcements.

NEAS Officers

  • President: Shamus Mahan
  • Vice President: Alice Tanzer
  • Treasurer: Suwada Hinds
  • Clerk: Danny Lee

NEAS Board of Directors

  • Nicole Acevdeo
  • Andrew Davis
  • Suwada Hinds
  • Danny Lee
  • Shamus Mahan
  • Theresa Perkins
  • Alice Tanzer